Lucid Pilot Episode 4 “Love Alive Part 1” with Cat Ridgeway

Lucid Pilot Episode 4 is inspired by the Heart classic, “Love Alive”. In November of 2020 Grateful Dead Publicist and Historian, Dennis McNally, asked Lucid Pilot producer Nathan D Duvall what song he thought encapsulated the Heart experience for a new biopic on the band. An epic saga over a year in the making ensued.

Now, Power-Haus Creative along with Corner Stone Cues and artists Heather Taylor, Aimee Oliver, Cat Ridgeway, Dawn Lunsford, John Wells, and Daniel Law Heath give you version one featuring vocalist Cat Ridgeway. Get some background on Heart, learn how the project evolved, and feel the joy with inspiring singer/composer/multi-instrumentalist Cat Ridgeway in Part 1 of “Love Alive”.

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