Are you interested in working with me as your music supervisor or producer? Choose an affordable review if you’re a band or composer. You want my music knowledge for media, an event, or personal vision quest? Make me an offer. If there’s a budget and it’s different then I’m interested.

Review and critique my song to increase licensing potential: $250

I’ll review and critique your song including what media genre or genres apply, changes if any, and rate your current level as pro, intermediate, beginner. 

Critique my song with 2 revisions: $500

It could be the difference between no license and thousands. Not all submissions will be reviewed. Songs must meet basic composition/production value criteria and be considered pro. I’ll review (same as above) and you will make up to 2 revisions to improve your chances of licensing gold. 

Music Supervision for my media project. All projects with a realistic budget are evaluated and a response given. 

Music Supervision and or live set for my event: Only projects with substantial budgets are evaluated. If it’s different then I’m interested. Playing typical wedding sets isn’t fun.

Music Shaman for a Vision Quest: Hey, you got the money honey, then I got the time. I’ve provided the soundtrack for many a vision quest that countless folks consider one of the happiest days of their lives. If you can handle travel, lodging, and expenses then tell me where, when, and why you want a vision quest and I’ll reply.