Lucid Pilot is a music and conversation podcast where I let the subconscious guide us on a trip around the world. All genres melt into one. A priority is given to powerful female artists that might be new to you.

There are specific rules that don’t allow me to express myself fully on Spotify or other dsps YET. That will change as Lucid Pilot becomes more popular.

Lucid Pilot is an edited version of the longform 2 hour format called Lucid. New shows appear first on community radio station Asheville FM WSFM-LP 103.3 in Asheville, NC every Monday from 2-4pm EST and are streamed for one week here:

Asheville FM Link

Both Lucid Pilot and Lucid are eventually catalogued on Mixcloud:

MixCloud Link 

Each show has a subconscious intention that tends to reveal itself after its finished. When you as the listener let go and allow the music and conversation to wash over you new ideas will pop into your head. 

The current wealth of musical exchange throughout the world is staggering. Modern technology allows us all to communicate on a massive scale. Having tens of millions of songs in your pocket is intimidating and time consuming if you want a search that goes beyond an algorithm. Allow me, your personal worldwide music supervisor, to guide you through the magic of music and connection. Listening regularly will inform your point of view and give you positive ideas that build your reality.


Nathan D Duvall is a drummer, music supervisor, producer, and publisher who began his career making musique concrete for family and friends that were affectionately known as, Nathan Tapes. Bits of field recordings like conversations, nature, and industrial noise were combined with short music bursts or entire songs to create a full length tape. Nathan took these works to Grateful Dead parking lots and various undergrounds around Los Angeles and San Francisco. Nathan Tapes became a currency and were a manifestation of his subconscious.

In 1998, a principal owner at media advertising firm, The Ant Farm, took notice of a Nathan Mix and his specific style. He was hired and embarked on a career where the format is short bursts of dialogue, sfx, and music to produce trailers and promos for films, tv, video games, and events. 

Nathan worked as a music supervisor, producer, and publisher for a specific team led by Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh on the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy producing the mega hit “Requiem For A Tower”. He also worked with teams that launched Harry Potter, Shrek, Kill Bill, Halo, and Call of Duty.

Over a 20 year career, Nathan produced and published over 1,000 songs and SFX for Howling Entertainment, APM, and his own Corner Stone Cues/UpStage Music. He’s most proud of the Led Zeppelin “Kashmir” cover titled “Ten Years Kashmir” with the LSO and Damian Marley.

In 2020, Nathan established Lucid on community radio station Asheville FM WSFM-LP 103.3 in Asheville, NC where he allows his subconscious to take you on a trip around the world with music and conversation. 


If you have questions about Lucid Pilot including: guest appearances, music submissions, or more, please use this address: nathan@lucidpilot.com

If you want me to review your songs or collaborate in any way visit the Collaborate tab and contact me here: nathan@cornerstonecues.net